The Consortium for the Promotion and Protection of the Caluso DOCG, Carema and Canavese DOC wines aims, on one side, to supervise over the observance of wine regulations and protect DOC and DOCG-labelled wines from counterfeiting and, on the other, to highlight and promote the wines (according to the  Ministerial Decree n. 256 of 4-6-1997 and law n. 164 of 1992).

The Consortium was established in 1991 as an evolution of the Center for the Protection and Promotion of Caluso DOC wines, founded by seven winegrowers in 1986. In 1996, the Consortium expanded to include Carema DOC wines and, in 1998, Canavese DOC wines. The Consortium gathers 37 members, who represent 90% of the area’s DOCG and DOC wine producers.


  • to safeguard, valorise and promote the production of Piemontese wines and in particular those of the territory represented by current D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. wines;
  •  to promote understanding of the specific characteristics of the wines represented and other derivates of vinification, also by matching them with regional and local cuisine and with other typical products of the area;
  •  to contribute to the overall development of tourism in the area, organising hospitality and information for tourists exploring the vineyards, the cuisine and the countryside, promoting the winegrowing, agricultural and rural areas through their landscape, environment, food, history and popular traditions, also developing projects for conservation, documentation and knowledge.